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About Us

Dr. Hassan Al Moosa was the founder and managing director of GulfDrug. having completed his education as a medical doctor in Heidelberg, Germany; he started his medical practice in 1968 as Dr. Hassan Al Moosa Private Clinic which is known currently as the Al Moosa Medical Centre. He established GulfDrug in 1969 where the need was highest to provide for quality healthcare products for the clinics, pharmacies and hospitals of the emirates and the UAE. As a medical professional and entrepreneur Dr.Hassan developed and grew the organization diligently and full heartedly, selecting only the best of medical products and the best of medical professionals to responsibly provide for their customers and patients.. Sadly in 1996, Dr. Hassan passed away.. Leaving behind a legacy of quality and care for the Al Moosa and GulfDrug family to follow in his footsteps and to develop and improve the service offered to its valued customers and partners as per the companies mission and vision.