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Medical Equipment Business (Medequip)

The Medequip business of GulfDrug has been on the forefront of providing the most innovative medical technologies to customers in the UAE since 1980. It is one of the most trusted names in the industry for quality and service for medical equipments. The Medequip business provides the most comprehensive products, services portfolio with the most complete solutions that enhance the customers ability to improve patient care & outcomes, (via developing their medical facilities functionality, availability, productivity, services and care given to their customers and patients).

Our diverse and innovative products and services offered are leaders in their respective product categories via their innovation, functionality and quality of product and support services, locally and regionally offered.

Medical Equipment Specialties Business Units
The Specialized business units of the Medequip business are responsible for managing, promoting and developing the business of the exclusively represented medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers of Gulf drug.

The business units are managed by sales managers, who with their teams promote, educate and provide pre & post sales services to customers all over the UAE for the most advanced and qualitative medical technologies and services.

Main Business Units:
Medical Specialty business Solutions
Biomedical Maintenance Business Solutions
Turnkey Biomedical Projects and Infrastructure Solution