HR Department Objectives:

  • To deliver high-quality Human Resources services to businesses and staff
  • To meet and exceed businesses’ and strategic Human Resources needs
  • To create and drive proactive Human Resources practices compatible with GulfDrug’s policies and procedures
  • To develop Human Capital through strategic talent acquisition practices
  • To partner with and support various businesses of GulfDrug
  • To provide GulfDrug’s businesses with effective advanced tools to evaluate staff performance fairly
  • To make accurate timely analysis available for businesses for more realistic strategic predictions
  • To create market-based Compensation and Benefits practices that are fairly supporting employee engagement through appreciating and rewarding outstanding talents

HR Department Vision:

To provide effective HR services beyond GulfDrug’s expectations

HR Department Mission:

To create HR strategies that will attract and retain Human Capital of GulfDrug

HR Department Core Values:

  • To put business needs first
  • To work with integrity and honesty
  • To be responsible and knowledgeable
  • To be diligent and thorough
  • To work as a team and achieve high